Bonini Bulga – Sealed

[Reviewed by: Iaha Crax]

What evokes the musical tableaux of Bonini Bulga is the subject of ambivalence. There can be images or sketches of another reality, portraits or just leftovers from a dead-nature, these pieces are undeniably vague and brooding following the mood they create. It seems to be the creation of a crossing personality, a running away from both classical dark ambient and dungeon synth, a break off a genre suffocating from within.

Just play “By a Higher Thought”, an inception of a metaphor, a twisted intelligent palimpsest encompassing the deep of surreal ambient expression. “Sealed” has been scattered with tracks that seem to be tanned out of a reality sucked out of its substance and legitimacy. The dreams that way born were weaved into a sort of musical allegory to alternative impressions, humbly pertained to some of De Chirico’s paintings.

Bonini Bulga was too exquisite to come out of the blue, it is led by Pär Boström, the man behind the projects Kammarheit and Cities Last Broadcast. “Sealed” is signed by him and his sister, edited on a cassette that could only be bought with the Solar Zine 3, published by Hypnagoga Press (run by the same siblings). Later it was also released on CD by Cyclic Law label.

Bonini BulgaSealed
Hypnagoga Press, hypna03; Cyclic Law, 117th Cycle

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