Urals Vector Plant – Waving Fluids

[Reviewed by: Iaha Crax]

This EP got out at Human Lessons, a label from Tokyo run by Emika Elena.

“Waving Fluids” can be listened on Beatport and other digital databases. The EP, 3 tracks in total, is catchy, anchored in a sort of fluent and easy-going ambient, with recurrent digital flows stretching along grey-gothic pictures. “Brisa” has a certain taint of Siberian blueprint, a mix of flying objects, identified or not and a glowing secret appearing to fade under a hallucinatory music.

More minimalist, “Waving Fluids”, the title that also stands for a title of this short record, gathers sparse mementos of sounds, clicks on a shadowy keyboard. Looks like an oversensitivity which can be taken as some lack in synapse-to-synapse joint or a wrong stretch of the mind to reach a divine attribute, nonetheless this fluids of pointillist texts catch you in a web of apprehension.

Even doubled in uneasiness “Arc” begins, hermeneutical, maybe a record of Alban Berg being electrified on the top of a mountain, and pressing over the same key, again and again, numbed as a statue receiving the revelation of its ponderability. Unique in shape, by this final track, Urals Vector Plant, discovers the reality of a project having mesmerizing potential (going like Nazi Ufo Commander, Astral&Shit, Bardoseneticcube or Inner Vision laboratory), that I am sure it will be displayed fully upon our eschatological every-day expectations.

Urals Vector PlantWaving Fluids
Human Lessons
Digital 2017

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