Choisir Le Pire – –

[Reviewed by: Iaha Crax]

This project from Metz was released by the French label Le Tombeau des Muses, where you can find another French project CHIER, perhaps already known to all the harsh-noise-wall lovers.

Choisir Le Pire is all about extreme abrasive harsh noise, with a penchant to brutal power electronics. Maybe you can imagine yourself a Whitehouse of the 21th century. With the first tune “De Charybde en Scylla”, the instrumentalist gives us a chance to choose from two evils, so anything you do, the noise will get you. And it is obtrusive, it ferociously attacks even harsher on “Oracle-Vivre par l’épée”, it gets unstable, exploding in grooving blasts.

The kind of scene where Choisir Le Pire operates is still small, penniless, working only out of obsession for noise, by releasing strictly limited cassettes (or CDrs). Choisir Le Pire has all the ingredients to raise his voice of thunder among the other afficionados that populate the underground noise. “Réaction/Invariable” is smashing ambient noise, growing claws and scratching an orbit open wide to light. The treatment of field recordings (?) with the pedals is being executed with ardour, probably leaving great sweat, unknown inputs malevolently transfer flows of sounds into mixer where they become some animated reptile skin rubbed on the wall. “Orbe I” and “Orbe II” are two tunes of the same diptych of electronic abuse blunt carvings.

What can remain after such a predatory confrontation over harsh noises, “Ce qu’il en restera”, the last track, which slices your, already suffering, hearing apparatus with small thrusts.

If you look for some different approach to harsh noise you should give a try to such projects such as Choisir Le Pire (and there are more alike) and support small labels like Le Tombeau des Muses.

Choisir Le Pire
Le Tombeau Des Muses, LTDM01
MC/Digital 2017

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