Niemandsvater ‎– Aus All ins Nichts

[Reviewed by stark]

Cheers! Niemandsvater greets us with the piece called “Open Your Mind”, but making out if you’re supposed to understand this phrase in a metaphorical point of view (“don’t be a knucklehead”, “be tolerant”, “try to expand your horions”), or literally, as an encouragement to experiment with certain intoxicating substances, well, it’s up to you. The lyrics would point to the first option, while the music itself is kind of trippy.

This third album of Niemandsvater is a major turn in their career; their debut, “Zeitenlos” was a neofolk album, rather typical for that part of the world, while “Lieder über Schmerz und Tod”, reviewed in Santa Sangre a couple of years ago, took a more neoclassical turn. With “Aus All ins Nichts”, Niklas and Christoph focus on repetitive analogue loops and spoken-word monologues. The additional trinkets depend on the track, they may be trumpets or male choirs -generated by the little box under their desk I presume- or both as with “Entscheidung~Spiel” or “Heiligkeit~Mitte”. A couple of songs contain spoken phrases treated as another instrument. Observe how neatly the phrase “nothing is disorder” gets repeated over the whole of “Ordnung~Tanz”, building its rhythmic foundation. Its almost danceable despite having a rather dark character.

This whole album is pretty dark, which I didn’t actually expect after their Disques de Lapin release. It sucks you in though. The lyrics are more like some sort of preaching (except the last piece “Kuchen~Kuchen” which makes me think of something yummy), so you feel like you’re participating in a modern ritual ceremony. An interesting experience with a high repeat factor, that’s what “Aus All ins Nicht” is. But what next? A krautrock album, guys?

Last but not least, the release is dedicated to Alejandro Jodorowsky, which for obvious reasons is a nice extra bite for us.

Niemandsvater ‎– Aus All ins Nichts
Disques De Lapin, LPN52
CDr/Digital 2017

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