:Werra: – Vente Vent

[Reviewed by stark]

They say the only constant thing in life is change. That doesn’t apply to the most neofolk artists, :Werra: confirms it as it is a textbook German representation of the genre.

:Werra: is a project of two guys, Michel and Marcel. While they played together in Halgadom, Marcel is also known from many other bands including Miel Noir, Fahl or Allerseelen. He often accompanies other bands on stage (Die Weisse Rose, Foresta di Ferro and a couple of others). His musical horizons are quite wide, but in the case of Werra he gives vent to the purest, most classic form of neofolk.

I don’t listen very often these days to this style and I don’t think this album will change this trend. You won’t find anything new here, no romances with other genres or turning from well-known paths. Objectively speaking though, it is well-performed music on acoustic guitar, vocals, sometimes percussion and accordion. Pleasant to listen if you forget it’s secondary character. Looking for originality wasn’t their goal I presume, it’s more like a tribute to the music which they grew up with. It’s definitely an album for those who remember the time when Steinklang Records were releasing projects like Falkenstein, Jännerwein and so on. To those who remember the first editions of the Runes and Men festival which if they do another edition, :Werra: would fit right in. The track which stands out to me is “Invictus” with electric riffs filling the background and the vocal manner reminding me a bit of Rose Rovine E Amanti.

The limited edition of the album contanins a bonus CD with three tracks, two covers (Sol Invictus and Jackson Browne), and a traditional folksong. These turned out pretty cool, to me; they give more listening pleasure then the songs from the main album do. In general, I think neofolk fans will be more than satisfied with this. Those not so fond of the genre will not change their mind after listening to “Vente Vent”.

:Werra: ‎– Vente Vent
Lichterklang, LK042B
CD/Digital 2018

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