The Body & Full Of Hell – Ascending a Mountain of Heavy Light

[Reviewed by: Iaha Crax]

This is a new stage on industrial metal scene, more like a crossover covering tendencies from industrial black metal (latest ABORYM or first TMK) and industrial doom (AUTHOR & PUNISHER, P.H.O.B.O.S.). For listener it is an act of courage to go through the whole of it, a daunting task similar to a Stockhausen puzzled piece or Anton Weber always unnerving so called intellectual quartets.

It is released by Thrill Jockey records a label with all sort of experimental rock music, they produced an incredible number of records, of which I know Liturgy, Boredoms, Tortoise or Wreckmeister Harmonies…

In less than 40 minutes this album ranges a plethora of the weirdest cacophonous sounds which are masterfully controlled so that the whole of it affects our tiny brains terribly. They seem to musicalize a portrait of some hideous vedic god, like, say, Ravana, which, through his 10 heads, is controlling all directions we think music can have. Even the cover reminds religious hindu art.

It takes more than one listening to grasp every track on its own. Otherwise in some place you are pushed to a fleshy wall, in another you are squeezed by a dust torrent, there the head is being tamped into a rat hole and it explodes from the trauma of an unexplained rotation.

The vocals (from The Body) alone are sufficient to embody the album’s anguish. You can put Silencer or Drautran on electronic avant-garde music to imagine what goes on here. Full of Hell structures those extreme industrial sounds with the grindcore case. This is the cage (Earth cage) inside which we are brutally exposed to a very aggressive sounds, yet so close to perfection displayed that we can fancy a way out.

If you love ritual devilish ritual industrial like Trepaneringsritualen played with the death metal contusive contingency of new Carcass you should adventure the mountain road of The Body & Full Of Hell.

The Body & Full Of HellAscending a Mountain of Heavy Light
Thrill Jockey, THRILL447
CD/LP/Digital 2017

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