Rites Of Fall – Truthsayer

[Reviewed by: Iaha Crax]

This music grows on you. With every minute you go further into something impressive to the ear. It is sumptuous because it is burden by a sort of tragic, a heavy destiny seems to wave it down into obscure recesses. The author conceives a line, sees it how it grows and takes other tones which fit to the whole on this journey.

The record is permeated by an occult aura, reflected not only in titles but also in music. The computer generated electronics are accompanied by clarinet, pipe and a double-bass. For some it could make the picture of an epic fantasy, for others these songs open the road to a dreaming with no purpose per se.

I tend to see and hear a legacy with esoteric literature and an insight into allegorical folk figures or stories. The polish musician choses wisely the register for each of the four tracks and proves courage in forcing the music to express not easy-reading symbols.

From an operatic bombastic Eden (“The Last Days”), then the evasive and mystical “Corpus Resonanticum”, to the poignant, martial “The Head of a Serpent” and the final reverie-inducing “Truthsayer”, this EP – self-released on cassette and in digital form a year ago – throws a magic light on hearts.

Rites Of FallTruthsayer
MC/Digital 2017

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