Reutoff feat. Deutsch Nepal – Eating The Dust

[Reviewed by stark]

They did work together in the past, remember “Kreuzung Vier”? On that occasion Reutoff was working with Deutsch Nepal’s samples and vice versa, and to be honest I don’t remember that CD very well. “Eating The Dust” is Reutoff’s music with Lina Baby Doll vocals and lyrics, so the method is different this time.

I won’t discover America by saying that Reutoff’s ability to compose good melodies is on far higher level than most post-industrial artists. From the very first piece you feel like dancing and singing with Lina, especially that sometimes he sings out of tune as if he’s had a few drinks (maybe during the recording sessions, I don’t know). “Amphibian Shadow” is the first highlight of the album with cool beats, melancholic textures and retro feeling reminding me a bit of Boards Of Canada.

“Terrible Place” is unbelievably catchy. It is one of these songs you put on repeat for half a day or more. Strenghtening Reutoff’s music with conventional vocals was definitely the right idea. Along with all this ear-friendliness the post-industrial character of Reutoff and Deutsch Nepal starts to blend with an almost pop feeling. I would say that “Eating The Dust” goes in a similar vein to Job Karma on their latest releases. The Poles’ music is still more multidimensional and unpredictable, but when it comes to the simple pleasure of listening and the thrills the music gives me, I’d put an ‘=’ mark between these two.

So if you plan to attend any underground discotheque, in the factory or something, you can easily give “Eating The Dust” to the DJ. If he won’t play this one that means he’s not cool and you should hang him.

Reutoff feat. Deutsch NepalEating The Dust
Entartete Musikk, EM10 // NEN Records, NEN104
CD/MC/Digital 2018

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