Creation VI – Deus Sive Natura

[Reviewed by: Iaha Crax]

God or nature (deus sive natura) is not a choice but rather a synonym, a pantheistic syncretism between vaguely defined ideologies. Music itself is a prolongation in time, the sound reaches you before your first memories begin to get shape. This is how sound is embraced by the whole, the god Pan, and breathes along and through elements, the Ancestral Voice.

That which is a manifestation of nature, a softening breeze, a freightening whirlwind, transubstantiated with the aid of the instrument, truly a God Otiosus, a hidden power sustaining form. The musician is a tamer and a trickster, he transforms, reshapes the voice of nature to a purpose that could be disclosed after several listening; or never.

Against the background of his own creation, the artist loses his attributes. His personality dims, gets unsexual, mixed with his own offspring. He becomes natural, sort of God, that manifests its creation in front of another. Such triangle musician-instrument-musical work is reflected by this project.

These Cycles of Life come and go to renew constantly our vision and perception of the surroundings. Creation VI has chosen to manifest sound by the means of various historical instruments. You can read about such a wonderful palette on Cryo Chamber’s Bandcamp, the label that released this recording in June 2017. The multiple range of instruments, each one professionally played, proves that Creation VI is an endowed musician, self-taught maybe, but exceptionally skilled.

Drones, analogue treatment ensures the cohesion, enriches with depth and wholeness. He intervenes subtly like on “Divine Intervention”, letting sound to gain its own, non-referential shape. The tracks are marked by an indefinite length which gives the listener the possibility to emerge in, drones become waves that bring the spirit to the surface. The manner they are built, gathering new flavours and notes on and on, generate an incredible live audition experience. They disconnect you from yourself and you have a small chance to renew yourself: “Natura Renovatur”, the last track, a magic waterfall of feverish constancy.

For many like me Creation VI is a new discovery, a magnificent piece of pearl that we have ignored so far. In fact, the musician is a veteran of the Ukrainian drone-ambient scene, he has been composing since 2006 and released several albums also collaborating with acts like Ugasanie or Astral&Shit (reviewed on Santa Sangre as well).

Creation VIDeus Sive Natura
Cryo Chamber, CRYO 071
CD/Digital 2017

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