Asath Reon – Buried Visions

[Reviewed by: Iaha Crax]

In the interview taken by thisisdarkness webzine, the project’s physical embodiment, Michal, says Asath Reon is about “old cultish ideas, funerary rites and necromancy”. “Buried Visions” evokes through sound ambiances this imaginary realm that takes life or becomes palpable by the means of meditation and theurgy. The author has become an exceptionally skilled ambient artist in less than 3 years of existence, quoting as influences the Aural Hypnox projects, Vidna Obmana or Kammarheit, while I would add Kerovnian or Nordvargr’s first releases.

You must rest for a moment to appreciate the deepness that drags you in, a canvas of vaguely sketched textures slapping and clapping the physical hearing like waves. These sounds immerge inexorably into an intimacy you only dreamed of having. By an effort of imagination, leaving self behind, you can get a glimpse of that personal mirror of the author, a mirror where he reflects his search and quest of the spiritual reality.

The tracks are not an easy-listening, not because of their shape or resounding, but due to the oppressive, haunting and portentous expression. A massive darkness enfolds, a gloomy incense-filled air seems to breathe all around and each song access some of the most unknown recesses inside. “Buried Visions” has been written meticulously, with much care to each apparently insignificant detail, like a spell that works only if the ritual is perfectly observed.

The album is peopled with uncanny images arisen from melody, the songs are abundant in ambient props, ritualistic instruments meet the keyboard, all treated for the same purpose, of revealing that which is hidden. He uses drums, trumpets, singing bowls, chimes and other objects and completes them with the human voice, with a similar effect to materialise the calling.

“Buried Visions” has been released through Black Mara Records, it is a handmade book with photos made by the artist himself, a graphic labyrinth that can focus the mind through the serpentine flowing of the music.

Asath ReonBuried Visions
Black Mara Records, BM-16
CD/Digital 2017

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