A-Sun Amissa – The Gatherer

[Reviewed by: Iaha Crax]

I thought they have something in common with The Kilimanjaro Darkjazz Ensemble. I thought they were the next chapter of Thee Maldoror Kollective avatar. I thought and still think the music survives as expression and it is moribund in terms of material. A-Sun Amissa has gathered all these useless and pernicious thoughts and scattered them away by the first note of guitar and saxophone.

More than any other projects active in experimental music, this group, gathered around Richard Knox (Shield Patterns, The Rustle of the Stars, Gizeh Records), achieves a brilliant fusion between postmodern classical music and pure experimental avant-garde, keeping the tonality alive against those serialism innuendos incomprehensible for the untrained listener. In the making of the album Richard Knox was assisted by an impressive body of musicians, playing cello, guitar, viola, flute, clarinet, piano or hurdy-gurdy.

Each of the four songs is a stupendous tableau in itself. Those of you that have the chance of getting the album from the Belgian ConSouling sounds will be mesmerized. You may be familiar with the Icelandic composer Daniel Bjarnasson and his reverie modulations which on his acclaimed albums or the soundtracks, such as his work with Ben Frost for the movie “The Deep” were bringing a simple and mysterious sensibility into light. A-Sun Amissa’s music is in that same place of wonder, on the verge of harmonising, instead pointing the vague rumours that make the existence bearable. In that place and underneath it walks hand in hand with Current 93 or Elend, projects with such a force of inspiration and know-how that they open up the new worlds of meanings and inspired spiritual and mental cleansing which only works of art can do.

“The Gatherer” will be a different discovery for each of us, so it’s better to get this album and go through the titles and their music. Take it as if taking communion, a gathering of things sublime.

A-Sun AmissaThe Gatherer
ConSouling Sounds, SOUL0087
CD/LP/Digital 2017

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