Drwiwy ‎– Cyrk Biezzahanny

[Reviewed by stark]

A fistful of trippy songs straight from Belarus, that’s what “Cyrk Biezzahanny” is. I had quite a problem with finding proper words to describe what can we’re dealing with here yet it doesn’t mean that this is some sort of unlistenable experimentalism. No, by all means these guys demonstrate decent songwriting, only where’s the key?

Its like with the name. Drwiwy. It sounds like a Polish word, but there’s no such word in our language, you have to find the meaning yourself. For example it would be a perfect name for “mocking spirits” from some old folk fairy tales, as it is a mash-up of these words. I checked this word on Google Translate though and it turns out that it is “drunk” in Welsh, so… a different region of Europe, the meaning of which I would never guess.

If you remember Novy Svet, and I’m sure many of you do, then you recall that they made a whole bunch of rather simple songs deriving from folk, neofolk and 60-70 chansons but all this was filtered through a false mirror. In this context I could put an equation mark between them and Drwiwy. The Belarussians have some really catchy songs, taking a bit from folk, a bit from European songwriting and psychedelic rock but here you’ll notice some dissonance, there an element that shouldn’t fit yet eventually does somehow. “Spadar Elektralit” sounds like a western song, reminiscent of Spiritual Front a little bit perhaps while “Śvińni” has this crazy sax part sounding like Mats Gustaffson’s warm-up before an insane performance. “Voseńskaja Baba” and “Lekr-Alejkar” are driven by a post-punk flow, while “Dziki” has a jazz vibe and something in common with early King Crimson (the song “Letters” from “Islands” came to my mind).

All this pulsates with uncertainty, like when you see something peculiar with the corner of your eye, but when you turn your head in that direction in takes a completely different shape. Like when you’re drunk, so maybe the name is justified after all? It fits drinking in a bar late night, but also around the bonfire in the forest. You may feel weird, but it’s a pleasant form of weirdness. Cheers.

Drwiwy ‎– Cyrk Biezzahanny
Disques De Lapin, LPN49
CDr/Digital 2016

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