Vindorn – Perdition

[Reviewed by stark]

‘Perdition’ for half an hour, no need for more; a portion of rage and lunacy that is easily enough. ‘Perdition’ was the full length debut of this one man project from Germany and believe me, when you looked into that abyss, it threw a fistful of viscous, tar riddled black substance right into your face.

A person hidden under the enigmatic alias N. recorded all the instruments and vocals with guest vocals on two tracks. They’re an array of mid to up tempo pieces with some bursts of rambling fury thanks to a powerful rhytmic section. It all sparkles with the primal energy of mid-90s black metal, but also includes a couple of surprising fragments like “Panie Diable” (Polish for “Mister Devil”) -a song which sounds like Enslaved on crack – performed in Polish language by Dominik Gac and Stawrogin (Odraza) in a manner specific to Polish avant-garde music which takes black metal as it’s starting point What’s interesting there are also vocals in Czech (or Slovak?), so it makes for a peculiar geographic triangle of all our countries which have bonded with each other for centuries.

With all it’s extremity, N. has a gift of making songs which could be described as “catchy”, however bizarre that may sound. The songs are straightforward and stripped of all the unecessary ornaments which someone might call daring, leaving only the essence, the raw energy which is the foundation of the genre; that energy manages to carry me away, when I listen to ‘Perdition’ I feel like… destroying something. That should be treated as a compliment, I guess.

Vindorn – Perdition
Sol Records, SOLCD010
CD/MC 2017

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