Darkrad – Heart Murmur

[Reviewed by stark]

Based in the United States, Russian born composer Jana Komaritsa has chosen a perfect name for her music project. No matter from which side you will try to approach it, things are always dark and gloomy – the style changes, the atmosphere remains the same.

This is her third album, with nine regular songs and another six bonus tracks, containing two remixes, studio versions of the songs from ‘Krovomet’ tape and ‘Sleepwalking’, a song from our Santa Sangre ‘Attich Ebulum’ digital compilation released a few years ago.

As with ‘Little Black World’ case, it stands between dark industrial and dark ambient, but if you dig deeper, you will find a few tiny references to dark electro as well. Didn’t I say so? Darkness everywhere. Some things have changed along the way during the four years which have passed since ‘Little Black World’ was released. I remember I compared her to a modern day city witch back then; a young woman, aggressive and feisty, just like her music. Often straightforward, screaming right in your face. ‘Heart Murmur’ seems calmer, more mature and melancholic, as if made by someone who’s grown up and has more life experience. Who’s heart was broken perhaps… the power electronics element has been pushed into a deep background, vanishing almost completely. We have songs like ‘Neverending Days’, ‘She Lives In Me’, ‘Slumber’ or ‘Solace’. Calm, fragile and beautiful. The industrial aspect is still present but without the intransigence and aggression, which is good, at least to me, because I feel like Darkrad is going through the same changes as myself (I mean as a person, not a musician), so it has an additional impact on my soul.

All that being said, I consider ‘Heart Murmur’ the best Darkrad album to date. Introvert and deliberate, the work of a musician thoroughly focused on what she wants to express.

DarkradHeart Murmur
Audiophob, auphcd026
CD/Digital 2018

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