Revbjelde – Remixes Rarities Live & Remixed

[Reviewed by Peter Marks]

While we wait for their second album to appear, Revbjelde dole out some more sonic delicacies for us to investigate. They have been remixed by a very diverse group of artists which include Time Attendant and Assembled Minds; the latter of these two I’m marking the days until his debut gets re-issued having played the hell out of his latest. Keith Seatman takes “Cloister” even further out into the misty moors of Conan-Doyle’s hounds, the atmosphere is positively electric and crackles with tension; I have to wonder how these five individuals were chosen as nothing is random in this world.

We’re then given a few remixes which Revbjelde themselves did of other acts, which may as well be new tracks by the band themselves because the results border on the bizarre. Streamed through their filters, they come out the other end sporting mutant house/funk tendencies, suspiciously klezmer-esque influences and some kind of bluesy minimalistic approach to field recordings fused with wickedly precise electronic percussion.

A live rendition of “Cloister” then jumps out to say hello and is followed by new works from the collective, some of which appeared on the recently issued ’Severance’ single along with a couple previously unreleased morsels. It’s always just crumbs from them and what superlatively crafted bits they are! They’ve had me hooked for years and most certainly know exactly how much to let slip through their intricately woven sense of discretion. Don’t get me started on how well Revbjelde understand the concepts of grace and restraint, we’ll be here ten or twelve more paragraphs.

This group have gone from just a curiosity to me on ’The Delaware Road’ to a full blown ensemble who’s musical range and proficiency just keeps expanding; who could have known that they had so many strings to their bow? Supposing just for a moment that this release is your introduction to them, you could not have chosen a more adventurous entry point to their little parcel. Should you find yourself snapping up everything they have put out, don’t worry, anyone who examines them thoroughly eventually does.

RevbjeldeRemixes Rarities Live & Remixed
Buried Treasure Records, BUTR20
Digital/CD 2018

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