Jemh Circs – (untitled) Kingdom

[Reviewed by Peter Marks]

Picture a construction site after the day is done, observe the myriad scraps shuffling about the place. Is there a pattern to their movements, does it even seem from time to time as though they’re communicating amongst themselves? Now take all of this and add sentience, this is what the latest from Jemh Circs appears to be drawn out of. Those little pieces which don’t fit or have been forgotten by their makers; if you wanted to postulate that ‘(untitled) Kingdom’ is the product of a continuous parsing of auditory detritus you wouldn’t be far from the mark.

The thing is, however, that what our composer has done with his second album is to take what others have irresponsibly discarded and fashion a glistening, glimmering set of tracks which despite their number don’t deviate from the overall plot. Yes, what I’ve been wrestling with for the better part of a month is a novella from the wreckage. Where previously he’d toyed with mathematical deviance, this time around he has dropped all pretense of logic; it gets close to pure chaos out here in the Kingdom but there’s always an unseen alchemy at work, one which transforms these random bursts of sound into something approaching the sublime.

Getting lost within the limitless possibilities of composition while maintaining focus is no easy feat to achieve, certainly not for an entire album yet somehow he has done so.

True, there is less obvious cohesion on his sophomore release but is that really such a bad thing. He asks for our attention, which in itself would sour a lot of listeners; in return, he reveals a simmering world of blunted beats and unremittingly advanced sound design. Layer upon layer of sound folds in upon itself and once the desired level of compression has been achieved, it emerges again having been radically transformed beyond any recognizable incarnation. A haze of after-images trail behind, lingering only long enough to paradoxically draw out our curiosity .

As a child in geometry class I recall one of my teachers revealing to us that if you drew a straight line on a piece of paper, that line just kept going and going on into infinity. For years it would vex me to no end as to where all these occult strands would eventually arrive; I believe I have gotten the answer to my query at long last.

Jemh Circs – (untitled) Kingdom
Cellule 75, CELL-2
CD/Digital 2018

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