Silent Chaos – Micro

[Reviewed by stark]

Silent Chaos is a two person collective from Rome and they describe their music as “Ancient Electronic Music for this new technological prehistorical era”. Honestly I haven’t noticed any “ancient” aura or I simply don’t feel it, but it’s a catchy phrase, no doubt about that. It corresponds nicely with the place where they live, the mother of all cities.

Marta and Ugo surely have a bent for sonic explorations. This is a “you don’t know what to expect around the next corner” type of album. What is obvious from the very first listening to “Micro” is their affection for analogue means of expression. The sound is cold, but clear and sharp like a razor which serves the atmosphere they’re trying to create… an atmosphere that reminds me of dying technology long after it reached its peak and now slowly heads towards entropy. Based off of industrial hums, micronoises, glitches, slow drum loops and repetitions, it makes you think of rusty engines still trying to work without purpose or reason.

The atmosphere: check. On the other hand, I find it difficult to listen to the whole of “Micro” in one go. I feel like it’s missing some crucial element that would help me to focus on the album from beginning to end. Even though the music is not as transparent as some ambient releases, after a while I catch myself thinking of other stuff and forgetting that Silent Chaos is playing somewhere in the background. Perhaps it’s that chaos (not so silent) which is present so often throughout all five tracks, a chaos that doesn’t let me hold to a certain element and follow it through the rest of the composition. Or maybe this is intended action and I just didn’t catch their drift.

So thanks to the good sound, varied, unpredictable tracks and quite evocative mood it works well as a soundtrack to a book or a post-apocalyptic sci-fi RPG session, like our Polish “Neuroshima”. But to lay on the bed and listen to “Micro” only? In such circumstances I think I might look for something else. That doesn’t change the fact that I’m curious about future works from Marta and Ugo, because one thing is for sure – they’re far from being conservative, they’re not afraid to explore and are totally unpredictable.

Silent ChaosMicro
CD/Digital 2017

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