Conjecture – My Body, Your Temple

[Reviewed by stark]

Tapes, lovely tapes. I still love this format regardless of all it’s imperfections. Apparantly I’m rather susceptible to all these retro/nostalgia trends.

When it comes to the musical content of this tape I can hardly say anything nostalgic. Electronic darkness is detached from what we could describe as the lapsing of time. Sound design possibilities may develop along with technology but in terms of artistry and atmosphere very few new things have displayed originality over the years. Is that bad? Not for me, I’d even say that there’s something charming in the genre’s conservatism. If I want novelty, I’ll look elsewhere.

I write all this because this new tape by Conjecture from Greece is well-performed and pretty enjoyable all the way round, but I can’t stop thinking of other artists while listening. To be clear, this refers to most new dark ambient releases, not only this one.

I’m guessing that Vasilis is strongly influenced by Inade as on certain levels you can build a bridge between both projects. Similar idea of constructing their structures; these post-industrial inferences build upon deep drones and gloomily cinematic melodies. Standing at the crossroads between urban, cosmic and esoteric. It may not share the same power as the German classics, but the effect of their music is undeniable.

Some passages remind me of Cisfinitum. A myriad magic moments and in the third track you’ll sense Vangelis’ aura straight from a rainy LA full of lousy bars, flashy neon and replicants. Are these references disturbing in any way? Not at all, just retire your rational thinking and go with the flow.

“My Body, Your Temple” is a collective of Amek Records from Bulgaria and Raumklang Music of Germany, released on tape and in digital form.

ConjectureMy Body, Your Temple
Amek, amek019 // Raumklang
MC/Digital 2017

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