Sutcliffe Jugend – The Muse

[Reviewed by K/VV:]

This is not an insulting power electronics (even though it gnashes the occiput with sleaziness), as those fellas have transgressed their artistic profile. Experimental industrial, is not a best label either as the level of experimentality is quite extreme over here. Therefore pigeonhole-people won’t have an easy task with this record. Listeners will encounter the elements of power electronics, noise, but also those of drone ambient, alongside with vocals (spoken word, but how and what – the latter is rather hard to grasp)  imparting a character upon this album. All the sound layers are intermingled with a true craftsmanship, which isn’t a mere result of the interlace itself, but rather of a final image.

Cold, dark, oniric reverie of “Stolen” (+), the angst of “The Hypocrytical Oaf”, nerve-racking whispers and rattling bones of “Flesh from Rotten Bone”, austere phlegmatism of “Of Whores and Man” chatters and grits inside your ears. Ligottiesque saturnine “Upon Her Passing” (+) touches something deep inside – an excellent composition, pinning a couple of cold needles here and there; harsh and squeezing ego is “Tormented by Shadows Gone” and “Of Leaf and Lake” (+) has something of  lullaby coarse like undeburred sheets of metal, perhaps a lullaby to the dream of death. Vocals in the last piece are reworked, they’re like two or three-layered choir-like trance wailing of a sullen madman,  growing gradually, until it becomes similar to the Coil-like vocal manner. On “The Muse” the coldness of existential, bitter constatations is perfectly driven by the sound layers once again. Masterpiece.

In my reception this record probably outclasses the best Prurient tracks, like “Rose Pillar” – same blood, but more iron. The compositions are dynamic, they are expanding, building a tension, so that the intensity of expression is growing up, and after the whole listen we’re left with at least a couple of remarks. Catch them or not, follow their trace or not, but just listen to it, verfluchte!

Sutcliffe Jugend – The Muse
Death Continues Records, DCRCD008
CD 2016

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