Nava Spatiala – Noisenautics vol. IX

[Reviewed by: Iaha Crax]

Thinking translates thoughts into words. On this basis, the listener is trying to comprehend music and translate its development into gestures, dance, and poetry. When it comes to noise such a process is antagonizing, noise labors on the brain, on what we would call subconscious. It’s pretentious enough to point out various effects noise has on the brain, suffice to say it’s the starting moment of a mild de-structurization. In this manner Nava Spatiala begins Mental Noise Detox, setting delicate juxtapositions of ambient flowing islands on which random sounds appear and droning elastic noises emerge. Appealing is how these out-of-the-blue fleshed out eidolons keep on coming and reversing upon our ears in the most natural manner, as if we are sucked inside this shifting landscape. Half way the track appears to collapse confronted by its own weakness to sustain the massive drones which are polluting more and more the less feeble sound bodies. As always Nava Spatiala calls for a specific attention to the shape of the sounds whether aleatory or rightfully chosen: they tend towards a pure structure of sounds fallen from the stars, that is why they manipulate the source such as to develop a crystalize outcome. This regime of polishing is closely enough in terms of effectiveness to ritual music and Mental Noise Detox (though harsh-electronics in expression…you already got it I believe) enacts a repossession of the inner harmony. Every now and then brings out similarities with the Japanese legend C.C.C.C. or the lately Serbian project of psychedelic space-noise Kosmodrom. More than half an hour of strenuous spinning over fanciful and galvanizing soundscapes. This might have become a place where thought is absent.

Take a breath out of these sought absence and come back to common comfort now. The second track Morning Glory leaves impression to be more down-to-earth. The tension exploited before is decanted here, a song that features the folly rhythmic of a maddening half-human half-robotic circus, a house-warming party where the vices of the modern world are reflected in expressionist movies-like gestures. The utterance is anxious, turns into tribal percussiveness, recalls Z’EV and Merzbow, goes into free improvisation that explode into barbaric chords and nerve-splitting hissings. Wittgenstein was trying to underline somewhere (personally I forgot where) that improvised music distinguishes as a fine example of inner and outer in mental life. Quite beneficial for another day to live on, Morning Glory incarnates some processes and occurrences which one may find on leaving the apartment, expressions that everyone finds suitable depending on the character. As for myself I woke up listening to it eyes still blinking and neurons tickling and failed to leave house that day.

Noisenautics vol. IX is released by a label from Florida, MuteAnt Sounds, where I found many other worthy projects. Briefly, Nava Spatiala is a Romanian duo “specialized in noisenautics”, a prolific and very enjoyable live project from the scarce and understated Romanian harsh-electronics underground. You should check-it out and don’t forget to put on your nautical helmets.

Nava SpatialaNoisenautics vol. IX
Muteant Sounds
Digital 2018

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