Narkoleptik – Unconsoled

[Reviewed by: Iaha Crax]

Narkoleptik remained silent and very little consoled for 10 years or so. With so much hustle and bustle in Romania (from where Narkoleptik is) there is no real need for noise music as you can find it anyywhere in this country. However after an album released in 2008 on the same label, Mask of the Slave (label also from Romania), called “So sweet, so perverse”(and other material at his own label FIR), this noiser got again into the streets of abusive electronics. You can thought out the connection here (between the two titles), can you?

“Unconsoled” is an EP with 2 tracks, around 30 minutes, on a “black C20 pro-cassette limited to only 50 units”. When you play it the sound comes as a patient throve into existential animism, fervour-like enthusiasm gravitating around an ephigia of disinterest. Flat exposure is incompatible with life that requires ups and downs, the looping seeks to fantasize upon a distortion of the order, with allegories on past innocence developed from a misconception of the present. The first title, “Decomposing Remains of Past Existence”, forces a Freudian imp, the liberty to extract immensity out of ridiculousness, life that is revolute. Its sound is therefore nagging and ungraspable as life sometimes tends to be. It’s pale and nauseated power electronics which translates a common drama that someone will divert into a movie to be screened in an obscene cinema.

“Final Experience”, the second title, lowers the message to self-generated vacuum feeding spaces between objects in search of a life of their own. Tones are constantly powered in despondency, fathomed to the least of apprehension and leaving no force to surrender but an intimacy of awkwardness. Seems a nurturing of a stillborn, a rhythm of elegiac noises that has nothing to justify, the fruit of an obtuse view fed upon an impending loss. And this is where “Unconsoled” acquires value, when one notices the change and mixes up the noises with the reality around. And then emulates the behaviour that pushed Narkoleptik to create these sounds: routine outside the walls of his apartment and routine inside his room, routine of compulsive obsessions and arduous perversions. This EP is an exercise in futility that brings an individual expression on existence. It might be yours too.

Mask Of The Slave, MS-060
MC/Digital 2017

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