Various Artists – Rare Psych, Moogs & Brass – Remixed

[Reviewed by Peter Marks]

A few years back an album titled ‘Rare Psych, Moogs & Brass’ came into the world and got into my head, it rarely left my player and I’m fairly certain drove somebody else up the wall; now it comes to us again but as a remixed addendum to the first archival release; when I think of all those coked out mini-bar high-rise parties in the 70s this is the music I’d imagine pervaded them. Eight tracks of space-age goodness fortified with a healthy dose of modern production techniques; ah but don’t worry, no one’s trying to splice any sort of popular influence into them; they were ear-worms to begin with, no more sugar is required.

What do you find as you sink deeper and deeper into the funky grooves and erstwhile brass stabs? That those who tackled each of the tracks did their homework and had no issues whatsoever going through revision after revision until they’d made just enough changes to bring their respective material up to date whilst taking the utmost care not to make their input obtusely noticeable. You won’t be looking around the room nervously at others to see what kinds of faces they’re pulling; the technological aspect is flawless and as for execution…

“70’s Fun Pop (A)” as well as “(B)” were little more than cues when I first heard them but the former has somehow been extended to nearly two minutes in length and it’s no bother at all; “Towerstreet 17” has had some fine electronic detailing slipped into it’s matrix and is STILL too short. That’s what truly makes me sit back and marvel at what has been accomplished on this release: there is a complete lack of filler, nothing is overdone or underdone. A balance has been struck between what was and what is with what sounds like ease but this could not have been an easy tightrope to walk.

The last and longest – 4:24 – mix comes to us from the venerable Revbjelde (who have another full length album in the works, there’s a teaser for it on the Buried Treasure site) and its quite an entry to finish with. Beginning with what sounds like vinyl left out in the sun too long and then put on, their take of “O’ Mane” is powered by an unbelievably tight rhythm section fused to swooping, diving layers of reverberating pads. Beyond this, they manage to jam a few psychedelic segue ways from the original source material into the proceedings; the acid guitars mesh precisely and before you can process everything they’re doing its over.

Perfect for luxuriating in that sunken living room you’ve just fought tooth and nail for; pop a cork, put out those lights and get down.

Various Artists – Rare Psych, Moogs & Brass – Remixed
Buried Treasure
Digital 2018

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