Wet Nurse. / Ten Thousand Miles Of Arteries ‎– Split CD

[Reviewed by stark]

While most of Malignant Records Power Electronics releases submerge the listener in a vast ocean of epicness, this time the label takes a different approach. Power Electronics is still the game here but if you expect something in the vein of, say, Theologian or Nyodene D, you may be quite surprised.

It’s a split of two rather obscure projects from Canada and United States, respectively. So no, Wet Nurse. isn’t any Japanese noise weirdness, if you wondered. Seven tracks, half an hour of music. Optimum time, more would be too much as this is a harsh, obscure and very primal form of the genre. It sounds like it was recorded in some sort of cellar and obviously that production wasn’t crucial for them while recording these rusty pieces.

Wet Nurse. absolutely murder their audience on “Vow Of Sickness (A Prayer)”. Insane, supposedly improvised analog madness without any self-restraint. “The Exterminating Angel” reminds me of a vulgarized version of Sanctum’s more agressive songs. The third and last piece by Wet Nurse, “Sudden Blood In A Wounded Throat” is like a bloodied steam roller: heavy and brutal.

Ten Thousand Miles Of Arteries’ (cool name, by the way) attitude is different. It dwells in a depressive dark ambient/death industrial swamp, while not losing power electronics from the azimuth. Some elements can be surprising, like the dark americana of the acoustic guitar which opens “Stronghold” or the cinematic despair of “Orthodoxy”.

They obviously didn’t spend hours caressing each sound to perfection, surely if they did, they’d have lost their primary objective: to vent their anger and desperation. I see a connection between this split and the underground punk/hardcore DIY scene, where the aim is to keep it honest and scream all the shit out of you. This is the strongest feature of Wet Nurse. / Ten Thousand Miles Of Arteries’ joint release.

Wet Nurse. / Ten Thousand Miles Of Arteries ‎– Split CD
Malignant Records, TumorCD108
CD/Digital 2017

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