Paranoia Inducta – From The Depths

[Reviewed by stark]

Anthony, the man behind the Paranoia Inducta moniker, has never concealed his fascination with the Cold Meat Industry label. Inventing new, unexplored avenues of musical expression hasn’t been his intention throughout a 14 year career. But it is impossible not to notice that his aural path has changed over time, even though it was confined by a somewhat limited framework. Some of his early works were influenced by Scandinavian mid-90s industrial; the subsequent ones made you feel like you’d reached the seventh gate of hell… and after that we have the last 3 or 4 albums.

In the past, Paranoia Inducta’s character was pretty anti-Catholic and anti-religious in general. You can still hear the anger and despair in these recordings: very intense at times with an unfiltered expression of his thoughts and feelings; can’t say I was a die hard fan of ‘Gloria Laus’ or ‘Pia Fraus’, but I respected their lack of compromise.

But lately these feelings were… ok, maybe not gone for good, but pushed into the background. ‘Maze Of Death’ introduced a calmer, more melodic approach to his music and this latest one, ‘From The Depths’ explores sadness and melancholy instead of horror and the one-dimensional darkness. It’s as if this fury that was whirling inside his heart has vanished in his old age. Obviously flashes of wrath appear from time to time as is the case with “The Noonday Demon”, but they’re in the minority.

Other moments can be rather surprising – take the title composition “From The Depths”. I’d say it recalls the spirit of Arcana, before they joined Cyclic Law and became much less interesting.

The thing that bothers me a bit is the fact that there’s an abundance of short tracks, which don’t have a chance to spread their wings. I suppose it’s the only aspect of ‘From The Depths’ that I don’t like. There is honesty in these sounds; Anthony plays the music he likes without the urge to move mountains. Respect.

Paranoia InductaFrom The Depths
Rage In Eden, RAGE117
CD 2017

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