Bionulor – Furniture Music

[Reviewed by stark]

You surely know all these artists or inventors who are using finished products; sometimes already exploited to create something new, something of their own. Where the purpose of their work is completely different than the one of the original material. I was always very fond of our Polish artist, Władysław Hasior – calling him a “sculptor” would be much of a simplification. He utilizes broken toys, fragments of old furniture and other objects found in everyday life to compose artistic installations. These always have a deeper meaning, that you wouldn’t expect out of base components.

Sebastian Banaszczyk aka Bionulor describes the idea of his project as “100% sound recycling”. He takes all the sounds from elsewhere and then processes them, giving them different shapes and angles. They may be a human voices, like on “Sacred Mushroom Chant” from 2011. They might well be a sample of Erik Satie works, like on “Erik”, the album done in homage to the French composer.

Erik Satie is obviously Sebastian’s main source of inspiration, because this new release, “Furniture Music” is once again based on his works. Specifically, the ground sounds were extracted from the Gymnopédies, the series of three short piano compositions. I think this time it is not a direct tribute to Satie, like on “Erik”, but more about making use of them to get a result unrelated to the elements which eventually form it.

Because it is ‘furniture music’, you can utilize it for relaxation as it is rather calm, soothing and very different from the often demanding and exhausting experiments on “Sacred Mushroom Chants”. Or, you can simply press ‘play’ and do your stuff leaving the music in the background. You’ll immediately stop noticing it, as honestly not much is going on here, the changes in these loops of processed piano sounds are very subtle. Like the sofa in your room when you don’t sit on it: you don’t think about it; when it’s gone, the room is emptier and the setting is not complete.

The album is released via Shimmering Moods. As usual, the CDr has a run of 50 copies but this time there’s also a special edition with an additional cassette limited to 12 copies. Bionulor maybe isn’t “popular” in Poland, but it’s rather recognizable name in the experimental underground. I hope the fact that it’s out through the label which is not from Poland brings Sebastian more attention abroad, he deserves it.

BionulorFurniture Music
Shimmering Moods, SHM 046
CD/MC/Digital 2017

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