The Vomit Arsonist ‎– Meditations On Giving Up Completely

[Reviewed by stark]

One day I woke up, looked at the sun outside, shining brightly and happily. Then I opened the window for a minute to listen to the birds singing and feel the gentle summer wind on my face. Then I grabbed the last The Vomit Arsonist CD, put it into the player for the first time and after a few moments I started looking for a razor.

Seriously, when I looked at the title, I began to wonder, can you imagine a more depressive title? “Meditations On Giving Up Completely”, I mean come on. But the title is one thing, finding a good phrase is… maybe not trivial, but obviously easier than producing music that would match up to it. So will you give up completely after listening to this The Vomit Arsonist opus? One thing is for sure, some people will give up completely on listening to this album, I mean those with the positive and friendly outlook on life as its foundation may tremble after these forty-something minutes.

I don’t know Andy, so I can’t say whether it is indeed the reflection of his deep depression or rather an artistic interpretation of such a state of mind made by the talented musician with a strong feeling of empathy. It’s not that important though, it’s evocative enough to forget about this issue. The music is based somewhere between the dark (I mean DARK) ambient and power electronics, which is present mostly in the vocals, or rather desperate screams to be more specific. They go hand in hand with the crawling bass drones, machine rumblings and ornamentations deriving from good old industrial music. The album reaches its dreary climax with the fifth piece, “When The Last Flame Has Been Extinguished”. Slow and distant pulsating, sounding like the heart giving up on beating, the aggressive feedbacks and the screams which this time are definitely brought to the foreground make you think that you’re standing next to the guy who’s about to jump off the ledge of the tenth floor of the building next to a bustling street. After this one, I’m pretty exhausted and it doesn’t happen often while listening to music.

Because it’s not entertainment, it’s an experience. Many producers try to achieve something more with their sounds, to make it something more than just music. Only few manage to do it, Andy is one of them – don’t give up completely man, but if you do, record another album after that point, because I want to know if it is possible to cross the boundary of malaise you reached this time.

The Vomit Arsonist ‎– Meditations On Giving Up Completely
Malignant Records, TumorCD106
CD/Digital 2017

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