Nerva – Nerva

[Reviewed by stark]

Never heard of this project before, but the two Andreas hiding behind Nerva are quite experienced musicians, Bellucci is a founder of Red Sector A (remember “Red Sector A Speeds Up Alio Die”?). He was also a part of the collective responsible for making the “Ad Nauseam” album by Monumentum, today slightly forgotten, but for me still rather important. Gastadiello’s portfolio has a smaller number of releases – he’s mostly known from his works as Mingle (several collaborations with Deison). So if you’d ask me before which label could be responsible for releasing the collaboration of these particular musicians, I’d guess it might be Silentes or FinalMuzik.

I’d win the main prize, as this is the FinalMuzik effort. Along with Silentes, this label does a lot for the promotion of the very creative Italian postindustrial scene. “Nerva” is not exactly my type of music, it is based on the intricate beats balancing on the line between industrial and IDM, sometimes with a slight melancholic touch, like in the fourth piece called “Lato”. I think the fans of the labels like [ant-zen] or the late Ad Noiseam will feel like home here, as it is obviously a well prepared dish, with the accurate power and flow. I liked some Tarmvred recordings back in the days and this is something that might recall Jonas Johansson’s endeavour.

As I said, it is not something I would listen to every day, regardless of the atmospheric interpolations, it goes on a very high intensity throughout the whole album, only the last track, “Obscura Thule” changes the direction a bit as it has quite a dark ambient character. But it is impossible not to appreciate their efforts and the fact is that the Andreas never lose control over these often pretty complicated and multilayered structures. A professional work.

Nerva – Nerva
FinalMuzik, FM21
CD 2016

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