ThisGrey Hates The Sun – ThisGrey Hates The Sun

[Reviewed by stark]

I like the name of this project, which is dark and disturbing, but also poetic in a way. ThisGrey Hates The Sun comes from Italy, like most FinalMuzik artists, and offers a kind of music that is rather relevant to the moniker Giordano Rivolta has chosen for his creative activity.

It has an intersting structure, this album. Apart from the bonus track, “With Other Eyes”, we have a 13-minute long opener, an almost 14-minute long finale and 8 rather short pieces in between (4:06 is the longest duration). Like two magestic gates of entrance and exit, and blitz outbursts attacking the listener from every direction. This first pillar, properly entitled “In”, is a slowly evolving dark and experimental ambient, bone chilling and based more on reverberating rumblings rather than typical drones. But after you cross the line, you don’t know what to expect anymore. “Broken” seriously kicks ass with its violent guitar noises and distorted female voice. The swirling parts of “From” make you feel dizzy and confused. Another cool-sounding title is “Trying To Metabolize A Tragedy”, which is probably the closest to “textbook” ambient, but sounding good nonetheless. A synthetic monster built solely from metal components, crushing stones, buildings – I don’t know – the title “There Is A Message Here” suggests some different idea behind this composition, but I can’t help having visions taken straight from some brutal sci-fi video game.

Eight experimental miniatures, in total they’re a bit over 20 minutes. I feel exhausted but fufilled. Giordano tells a black & white story about dead cities and conscious machines. If I could visualize it, it would be similar to “Tetsuo”. The music is not that frantic and deranged as in Tsukamoto’s flick, but I feel like they’re sharing a similar view on art, technology and humanity. The second pillar should be called “Out”, but it’s “Moments & Directions”, intense and brassy dark ambient which brings the Hall Of Mirrors name to my mind.

Then there’s a bonus track based on a bass guitar melody and metallic buzzes. As a whole the album is an interesting journey with some unexpected twists and turns. A good proof of the high form of the Italian scene.

ThisGrey Hates The SunThisGrey Hates The Sun
FinalMuzik, FM20
CD/Digital 2016

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