Murkok – So Little Music


[Reviewed by stark]

Is the title of an album relevant to its actual content? Well, if you consider music through the prism of what they play in mainstream radio from 9 am to 5 pm, then probably yes, there isn’t that much of a music here. But I assume that since you’re visiting our page, you’re looking for something different among the aural delights available. In this case, yes, there’s a whole lot of great music here. I dare say that it’s the best album Shimmering Moods has released in several months.

Ilya Glebov started his sound sculpting activity not so long ago, in 2015, yet he already has behind him 4 full-lengths on physical format, and a few more digital releases. Gotta say that I’m not such a big fan of highly prolific musicians, because I simply don’t have the time to dig in each and every recording someone releases every few months, if not more often. Hence I consider myself lucky to have this one in my listening rotation for a couple of days, but I’ll check the other Murkok stuff later.

For the time being, let’s get to the “So Little Music” album. After such moniker I expected something similar to Murcof, but in fact it’s not even close to the Mexican musician. Ilya’s point of interest are warm and atmospheric drones, often covered in a very gentle layer of white noise, one reminiscent of a summer sea breeze rather than a broken refrigerator. What I like is the artist’s significantly emotional attitude, present not only in the poetic titles of particular pieces. The drones and textures are forming slow melodies that can easily steal your heart. And break it when the album comes to an end. The fifth segment, aptly titled “And love only sun and wind”, for me is the brightest example on the whole CD. Its musical and emotional coherence from beginning to end, takes you back to the past, to your own personal past, and brings back memories – just the pleasant ones – that are stuck deep in your head but are not so clear anymore. It’s not a time machine, you can’t go through them again, it’s like looking at some old pictures in your mind, can’t notice the details, you even realize that you don’t remember the face of your first love. It’s like a blurred image in orange and sky blue.

I can recommend this album without hesitation. Soothing and seducing, giving proof once again that the Shimmering Moods label has a good ear in finding young and relatively unknown ambient and experimental artists. Keep it going.

MurkokSo Little Music
Shimmering Moods Records, SHM CD031
CD/Digital 2017

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