Mytrip – Filament


[Reviewed by stark]

Mytrip has found its place in the ambient/ experimental niche, just one step below the underground. It’s a conscious choice, because I’m pretty sure that with his skills, experience and belief in his own music, the artist could easily fit among the more recognizable names. But he prefers a diferent attitude: “CD? But tapes are the best”, “A big label? Thanks but no thanks, I prefer supporting the DIY labels run by my friends”, “A concert in a nice club? But performing live for 15 people in a shed next to a railway track is the gig of my dreams!” Kind of cool, when you don’t feel pressure of any kind (including the self-imposed kind) and do exactly what you want to do.

“Filament” is possibly Angel’s most mature work up to date. The nice blonde hair on the cover may seem as the promise of some warm sensuality, but the music stands exactly in the opposition to such a feeling. Sometimes it is dark, but not in a cliche “dark ambient” way. It’s cold, often apocalyptic, but not devoid of a specific kind of beauty, a beauty of natural, cosmic provenance. Like the third track, “Dust”, reverberating with a delicate classic Klaus Schulze-like electronica; a composition that reminds me of a red sky, a vast desert and a tremendous sun sphere hiding behind the horizon. The following composition, “Lustre”, is like a mirror reflection of “Dust” (BTW, in Polish language “lustro” means “mirror”). It’s like a sky full of glimmering stars and night creatures moving restlessly here and there. The tension rises, the subtle dub techno beat surprises…

The first two tracks didn’t impress me that much, they were alright, but I expected something more. Now I treat them as a good introduction for the rest of this release. After turning the tape to side B, the exceptionally high level of the music is maintained, like in “Adaptive”, filled with soundscapes reminiscent of the raging sea, ethereal sequences and a distortion that says “you won’t find a crystal clear, polished, shining horror here, this is the real deal”. Just like the last one, which in all its intensity makes me think of certain works by Anemone Tube.

And the remixes by Ivan Shopov, Evitceles & Conjecture. Not a big fan of remixes in general, unless they’re added as a free digital download or something. But when they seem as if added to artificially extend the duration of the album, then I start to become skeptical. It doens’t change the fact that the original pieces are truly evocative, and prove that Angel doesn’t want to repeat himself and tries to explore new territories. I reviewed his “Empty” 7” vinyl about two years ago and with “Filaments” the progress is so easy to notice. I expect some big things in the future.

Amek, amek011; Serpent Eve, eve009
LP/MC/Digital 2016


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