Clock DVA – Neoteric


[Reviewed by Peter Marks]

Time may be passing us by but DVA continue refusing to rest on their laurels. Their newest single comes replete with multi-faceted programming, sage words and atmospheres which unfold further and further as these three songs play out. No, this won’t be winning them any awards amongst the scurrilous and shallow; far be it from me to try and analyze the impact this band have in the here and now but I will say one thing:

‘Neoteric’, along with the previous ‘Clock2’ release are most assuredly part of our current situation.

I use that word to denote the spiraling levels of fear and paranoia now so prevalent in human society. One never can say with absolute certainty what that next moment will bring with it, DVA are quite content to move through the morass like oil in water. There’s no attempt to blend in with what those around them are doing, they remain aloof from temporal concerns and the trappings of ephemeral popularity. How they’re able to tune out all the background noise around them continues to mystify me.

This trio of tunes are dark, have no doubts but from within their shaded compliment comes once more a message of crystal clear resolution; that message is not something I can put into words but I feel it, man can I ever feel it. Adi Newton has never wavered frommaintaining the utmost standards for what is put out under the name of his group and this ethos of electronic perfectionism permeates every single second of sound that is to be found on ‘Neoteric’.

Others can make their plays for notoriety or bald-faced marketeering, this outfit will have none of it. As another uncompromising bunch fondly noted: Persistence is All.

Clock DVA – Neoteric
Anterior Research Media Comm, ARMCD002
CD/CD Minimax/Digital 2016

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