Rasalasad vs Amantra ‎– Thisturbia


[Reviewed by stark]

I really like this 3” CD format, it has something truly charming in it, like a tiny jewel. Seems that Portuguese musician Fernando Cerqueira cherises it as well, as “Thisturbia” is another miniCD in his discography. And another collaboration, a part of “Thisobey”, an ongoing series of miniCDs or tapes containing collaborative works between Fernando’s Rasalasad project and the invited artists. I already reviewed the one with Smell&Quim and irr.app.(ext.) a few months ago.

These four tracks are the effect of a collaboration with Amantra, founded by the Frenchman Thierry Arnal, also known for his Fragment. output. Together they didn’t blow my mind, but they managed to capture my attention for around 20 minutes. So as you can see, it’s good if you want to take a break from real life. Thisturbia combines atmospheric drones, noisy effects and post-rock/shoegaze guitar soundscapes. Components known and liked by many, so don’t expect a journey into the unknown, but a safe yet well-prepared mixture: a break from real life, yes, but one where you feel like home. To a certain degree it reminds me of what Lee Bartow of Theologian presents on his albums. Mostly due to its depth, epicness and spatial character. You feel that you are dealing with something majestic, almost grandiose. Dense and monolithic, but with significant touches of fragility and delicacy. And since I always like it when opposites meet, I gotta say that it makes a certain impression on me, even though I feel like I’ve already heard something similar before.

The miniCD has an ascetic graphic design, but it is kept in the style of “Thisobey” series. It comes in a cardboard box and a plastic bag. Looks cool, sounds cool, what else do you need?

Rasalasad vs Amantra ‎– Thisturbia
MiniCDr/Digital 2016

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