Osmiroid & The Activity – 06


[Reviewed by Peter Marks]

Consider the humble line. By itself it can underline or cross out whatever it wishes but when acting in concert with others of it’s ilk entire worlds can come into being. This product is a three-pronged affair spread out over text, sight and sound. Osmiroid provides the score while a new operative known only as The Activity contribute sparse verses and a short film which is as bewildering as it is sublime.

There is something just jarring about the mistakes one makes in one’s own life, they have a way of never really disappearing; it is as though they remain permanently on display but only to the most vigilant pair of eyes. As Osmiroid’s piece moves through it’s task of chronicling what has been drawn you start to see this pattern of indelibility taking shape. Never once do these singular white chalk incisions ever fade into the ether, they remain as constant reminders and indicate which path has been taken by their author.

It would be a mistake to assume that there is no connection between possibility and probability; most no doubt would balk at the realization that they are only anchored to what they consider reality by the most tenuous of threads. Utilizing basic geometric shape design and incisively placed wording, The Activity reveal just how much impact each of us can have upon our own lives if we only take the time to stop and consider our actions. I hate to keep banging on about it but critical thinking is a dying art these days, many have become minions to the very technologies they once brazenly asserted mastery over.

“You could be a different person already” the booklet states and while these words jostle up against their stark monochrome settings we’re bombarded with music from Osmiroid which has been designed with one objective in mind: disorientation. One which transcends physical location opting instead to hone in on the electrical impulses of the mind itself.

Everything is the same, nothing is the same and just what precisely were things supposed to be in the first place. Is anything to be trusted or has society become too mired in it’s own reflection to remember any semblance of normalcy. In an instant our neurons can fire across the neural net to transform the molecular framework of our consciousness; this material asks the listener to consider the ramifications of said actions as if to caution that what we consider insight may in fact be nothing but the lid of our own personal pandora’s box.

Osmiroid & The Activity – 06
Stars, Dots and the “New” Junk, starsdots028
CD/Digital 2016

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