Osmiroid – Useless Slags


[Reviewed by Peter Marks]

Don’t let the title of this release put you off, savor the irony. There’s nothing useless about the lot on display here and unless you’re a willing acolyte of pop culture these five tracks are going to be music to your ears. Yes, Osmiroid have been known to brandish a rather unique perspective on the concept of audio previously but there was a reason for it. Or reasons, or reasoning, pick whatever word works best; there is no narrative behind what’s going on this time out. Rather, we’ve been granted access to the depths of what the band (?) compose; El Dorado was fabled to have streets paved of gold, these are gilded in bile.

Abrasiveness is a constant trait in what these fellows do, even if the percolating synthetics are telling you to let your guard down. There are guitars being maimed, there are pristine moments of solitary escape snapping shut like a Mantis’ jaws; whenever I find myself being told by others that there isn’t anything imaginative or innovative going on “out there” anymore, I point them in the direction of this collective. Make no mistake, this is Osmiroid at it’s most primal and volatile.

They may have listed who their line-up is for ‘Useless Slags’ but there’s absolutely no indication of who did what. Curious as to why or how? There’s no revelation there, either; what is given to our ears can only be regarded as hostile… song structure, what’s that? Resolving chords, who has time for those? Melody? Are you serious. I’ve been following them for some time now and the approach being taken by them only grows more and more extreme. Careening atmospheres jut out from rhythms forged by an insidious alliance of absolute chaos and diabolical imagination.

I feel dazed having to take all of this in but not once do I feel bored.

Supposing for a moment that you haven’t heard Osmiroid before, what’s there to take away from my words. Be on your guard. There’s a siren’s song being proffered here, even in the headiest bursts of static and feedback you can hear it lilting. The beguiling entreaties which this material makes have no anchoring point, entire sections are obliterated only to be supplanted by even more adverse collaborations – or just collisions – between elements not meant to come in contact. This latest band of miscreants are like that invisible field of repulsion between two magnetic points. It cannot work, it should not work.

Somehow it does.

OsmiroidUseless Slags
Stars, Dots and the “New” Junk, starsdots027
CD/Digital 2016

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