Various Artists – Frequencies of the Mind III


[Reviewed by Peter Marks]

Mindtrick records have assembled a rather diverse and eclectic group of artists for the latest entry of Frequencies of the Mind, I must say. Some favorites appear here and as expected deliver quality product; there were some new names for me to digest as well: Aeon Wave, EVS, The Thing With Five Eyes and Delete give their all with entries that do not follow the safe or accepted guidelines you usually get out of dark electronic composition. They have a tendency to surprise and very much revel in unpredictability. For those who want a reprieve from linear creations with static beat combinations this release is going to be like a breath of fresh air after being cooped up indoors during a snowstorm.

Tastes vary, naturally, but the overall flow on this release is smooth oh so smooth. You truly do feel as though you’re walking through the corridors of your own mind while listening; random fluctuations of thought flicker between the transmitting neurons and that lovely sense of serenity permeates everything. But about those favorites: Atiq demonstrates his ability to lower the tempo without sacrificing tension, Huron take us out among the stars, The Travel as you’d hope for are menacing, Rlyeh1 steps into a soulful darkness and that pair of magicians Known Rebel give out yet another sultry morsel to keep us sated until their next album appears. If you haven’t heard their debut ‘Hollow’ or the ‘Ocelo’ EP this should provide inducement.

About the only thing missing is Semiomime, which is a small gripe. Everyone does the label proud and what’s more they do it with understated grace. No one has any bombastic conceptual pieces nor are there the filler tracks so many other compilations are rife with. This serves as an excellent introduction to Mindtrick and hopefully people will check this out, especially in light of Tympanik Audio closing its doors, which I must say was quite a blow to sustain; the folks who put this release together are definitely on a mission, now what it is I couldn’t tell you. The short amount of time I’ve been aware of them has convinced me that evolution is a key factor in their manifesto as is individualism.

I can, however, report that you won’t be bored playing ‘Frequencies of the Mind III’ and that is saying something as serialized collections have a tendency to grow stale as the years pass; a fate which isn’t happening here. If anything, these little episodes of Mindtrick’s get better with each installment and they hold up with remarkable ease. No degradation of signal is to be found in this place.

Various Artists – Frequencies of the Mind III
Mindtrick Records, MTR022
CD/Digital 2016

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