Felix Kubin und das Mineralorchester – II: Music for Film and Theatre


[Reviewed by Peter Marks]

Now this is something to take in, people. Felix Kubin brings us a new collection of decidedly unconventional music which at first I had the temerity to compare with Rob Ellis’ ‘Music for the Home’ series; first impressions often are the easiest to stay with but in the case of Kubin and the Mineralorchester they have proven to be completely without merit. This fellow and whomever make up said orchestra are more than happy to present baffling pieces one after the other with no regard for what the effects may wind up being. A single shard of dialog makes up the basis of one track while others have disarmingly accessible rhythms and melodies beaten out of metallic sources.

To put it in perspective take one single grain of sand and grind it down until you are in possession of every molecule it is comprised of; assign musical values to said molecules and then release it.

Far be it from me to try and perceive the inspirations for these songs, obviously on one level they are designed for film and theatre as the title of record implies but I’m not taking any of this at face value. This album dances back and forth across the border of the conscious and unconscious mind with great dexterity, not once did I find myself being able to predict where things were headed; I have gone over Kubin’s baby repeatedly looking for some kind of method to the madness and have come away with only more questions.

For being designed as cues to be inserted in other people’s productions, the pieces which make up ‘II’ don’t really adhere to the rules of scoring in that they have no deliberate flow to them. As I’ve said previously what’s been coaxed onto this compendium is rather confounding, even with the press release to guide me I continue to lose my way and have my mind pulled in opposing directions. As you listen you, too will become ensnared by the at first conversational and then confrontational tone which are the two main creative forces at work here. They don’t keep to their corners, either. Elements are mixed and reduced with a remarkable ease, who is to say which side has the upper hand; they appear to pool resources to impart maximum dynamic impact.

It only gets stranger as this release plays out, you’ll feel like a sentinel in the midst of an unending blizzard trying to keep their candle lit; the organic approach this Mineralorchester employ is to be feared, I’ve no clue who comprises them but they transform sounds you hear each and everyday into diabolical familiars who’ve been dispatched to wreak havoc in the bandwidth. One could come away from reading this a bit puzzled and if that is the case then I’ve at least managed to accomplish what I set out to do: give you an idea of what to expect when you partake.

Felix Kubin und das Mineralorchester – II: Music for Film and Theatre
Dekorder, Dekorder 081
LP/Digital 2016

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