Satanize – Apocalyptic Impious Command


[Reviewed by stark]

Haven’t listened to this kind of black metal in a while. Satanize are from Portugal and deal with the “apocalyptic war” branch of the genre, the niche where Blasphemy were (and still are, up to this day), the unequalled pattern. These two fellows with the poetic nicknames ‘Reverend Of Diabolical Services And Sinister Sorcery’ and ‘Reverend Of The Hell Legions And Macabre Tyranny’, are very much aware of that, so they don’t try to beat the masters or discover America, simply playing another variation on “Fallen Angel Of Doom…”.

Though these songs are probably even more raw and primitive, in terms of composition rather than the sound itself. They’re driven by mid-tempo drums, which are in the foreground almost all the time, devastating riffs and vocals from the pits of hell… or an obscure toilet covered in shit in some underground club. Personally I wouldn’t use such a big amount of a reverb on vocals, but they still sound pretty ugly. Because as you may presume, this is an intentionally disgusting piece of raw and moulded meat which for most people is absolutely repugnant, but some find comfort and a certain pleasure while drowning in it. Me, well, I’ll be honest, I feel like listening to such sounds once a year or something, and even then I prefer to go back to the classics like the aforementioned Blasphemy or Beherit.

But I have to admit that these two from Portugal are rather honest at what they do. They don’t give a rat’s ass about the modern avantgarde trends in black metal – I find them pretty attractive, but I agree that the spirit of the genre has been lost at some point over the years. And they? They don’t care about it, they do their music like it’s still 1990. Even the fuckin’ cover looks as if it was created by Chris Moyen. I’m sure there are still fans of such bands hidden somewhere under a rock, and for them this may be quite an interesting offering.

“Apocalyptic Impious Command” lasts less than thirty minutes, which is good, because otherwise it may have been a bit boring. A six-track (including a cover of a Black Witchery song) punch in the face is just enough I guess. It has been released on CD and on tape. It should be also out on vinyl, because it is made for this medium, but for now I don’t know anything about it. Maybe in the future.

Satanize – Apocalyptic Impious Command
Deviant Records, DEVCD004
CD 2016


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