Deutsch Nepal ‎– Dystopian Partycollection II


[Reviewed by stark]

Many of you surely remember the Cold Meat Industry release with the catalogue number CMI180. Eight years ago Lina Baby Doll completed his first collection of tracks from various compilations and vinyl rarities giving us a set of party hits – where by the word “party” I mean a lousy meeting in a stinking shithole with cheap whisky, unfiltered cigarettes and toothless crack whores with a squint giving you a blowjob. Sounds yummy? Good news then, our General gives us another portion of his disco hits that are known from here and there, but now you have them all in one place, on a CD released by his own Entartete Musik and having this…

… beautiful cover – I mean just look at this. Can you imagine a more disgusting image that as a matter of fact doesn’t show anything disgusting, just some fevered village folk from a secluded part of Sweden. Is it a troll coming from the east or Lina with drinks and a DJ set for a party? Either way, we have twelve tracks, seven by Deutsch Nepal, two by Janitor LBD (his project with BJ nilsen), one by Swollen (a collaboration with Thomas from Trepaneringsritualen), a collaboration with Navicon Torture Technologies and a track by Der Blutharsch And The Infinite Church Of The Leading Hand where Lina also gives his five cents.

Most of these tracks are the Deutsch Nepal that we all know and like, that is more or less industrial loops, interesting rhythm parts, ambient backgrounds and emotional singing. Yet there are some that differ a bit from what we’re used to when we hear the name Deutsch Nepal. “Victum Vermis” is one of my favourites, a monumental piece of massive ritual dark ambient. Or the beautifully creeping “We Shall Live Again” with a perfect guitar part, again by Thomas from Trepaneringsritualen. And “To The Earth” of course, letting some optimism into this damp cellar. If you know the latest cosmic kraut hippie incarnation of Der Blutharsch, you know what to expect.

When the party is coming to an end and it’s getting bright outside, there’s no better way to end it than by listening to “Rapist Park Junktion” with the samples that sound as if taken from some melodrama from the 40s or 50s. Gotta go home, but I don’t mind repeating it a couple of times, why not as a doppelpack with the first part? Bring your alcohol and let’s do it.

Deutsch Nepal ‎– Dystopian Partycollection II
Entartete Musikk, Entartete Musikk 09
CD/Digital 2016

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