Blut Aus Nord / Ævangelist ‎– Codex Obscura Nomina


[Reviewed by: Iaha Crax]

Upon hearing this yet newly crafted split from Blut Aus Nord and Ævangelist by Debemur Morti Productions, worldly thoughts are left behind in a dump of oblivion. The passages they create are naturally numinous, the music flows unrestrained and inseminates in every brain cell, opened wide at the globular waves of sound.

Actually, the songs are translations of portals to multifaceted epiphanies. Opening with the orchestral tapestries from “Evanescent Hallucinations”, the rapture is achieved since the very beginning: a synesthesia so profound with anything but human apprehension, a track unfolding this doom-industrial structure that immerses the auditory faculties into a prison without walls, that would be time as we perceive it. A circular time expanding in an oscillatory radiance, as it resonates with multiple states of the being on this other track called “Resonance(s)”. It voices a call to prayer made by hollowed voices sung out of a lunar tower for the assembly of disparate celestial bodies.

“The Parallel Echöes” brings up the response to the industrial arpeggio before; dread-like raw voices mixed with volatile utterings chanted upon an alien sludge melody of derogatory disproportions. Blut Aus Nord leaves the final mark of its dark extraterrestrial electronica with a song of slow-rave necroticism, “Infra-Voices Ensemble”, calling into mind two obscure projects of antithetical accesses, V.E.G.A. and Vatican Shadow.

The secret name and nature of this world out of order is summoned upon to rearrange its cosmography by incomprehensible standards.

Thus has been constructed an antechamber for the surrealist anti-genesis. In tremendous fascination the focus is shifted outside, on the “Threshold Of The Miraculous”. This only and longer than all three previous pieces together track marks the offering of Ævangelist. Forged in the cauldron of most brutal metal (Antediluvian, Malthusian, Katharsis, Portal) and beautified after top haute-couture black metal fashions (Schammasch, Esoteric), the track provokes an exhilarating mystical experience, taking the listener through the daedalus of an incessant, extreme black / doom / death industrial tautology. Both rewarding and questionable, “Threshold of the Miraculous” transmutes into music a possessive and demanding attempt to illustrate the dark, silent beauty within absence and reality alike.

Blut Aus Nord / Ævangelist ‎– Codex Obscura Nomina
Debemur Morti Productions, DMP0143
CD/Digital 2016

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