Atiq – Sonorous


[Reviewed by Peter Marks]

With his steady, rolling beats and vivid atmospheres, Atiq ventures out on his own EP and does so with stately aplomb. When I got this taste treat and saw that it had been made by the guy who runs Mindtrick records, I knew it was bound to be unusual but what I didn’t expect was how incredibly detailed things would get. To let it all just drift along with a few flashes of production trickery would have been an all too-familiar route to go down; he has chosen to not play it safe, opting instead to bring us not merely a collection of tracks but chapters in a book.

This should be familiar to those who listen to what his label puts out -the sublime release from The Travel comes to mind here- however, he has his own take on whatever this form of music is which seems to be driven by varying amounts of sub-bass and elemental rhythms. The only words to be heard are those which he’s sampled and sprinkled throughout ‘Sonorous’; they exist in differing shades of simmering twilight as does the overall tone. Comparatives are useless, a person has to just let all that go and take what they are encountering on a song by song basis. Dusting off your vinyl won’t help you come to grips with what Atiq is executing but I’m sure some will take that route anyway.

Time and time again the song structure breaks down and completely disintegrates within the span of a few seconds, only to be reconstituted into a new creation which is even more precise. Let the cold, digital hostility of what’s on offer run where it will; I have to admire his unwillingness to stick to conventions or indeed to follow any sort of recognized pattern in his designs. Those who have been given the keys to remix don’t disappoint in the least bit, either. Dyl’s take on “The Euclidean Perspective” is a wonder to take in as it somehow manages to make a piece which was already dauntingly epic go far beyond the event horizon.

You are out among the stars here without any cares or worries whatsoever. In the distance there are galaxies mutely moving through the black abyss of interstellar space… the sonorous work contained on Atiq’s latest allows the mind to begin slowly disintegrating into a state of elemental consciousness; one realizes that this is where everything came from and will ultimately return to.

Atiq – Sonorous
Onset Audio, OA082
Digital 2016


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