Santa Sangre Playlist: The song your neighbours would hate you for


The idea is simple. We asked several artists to choose ten songs for ten different situations or activities (one song for each topic). This is the fourth playlist, “The song your neighbours would hate you for”.

Jan Roger Pettersen [Svartsinn]: Glittertind – Norge i rødt, hvitt og blått; “I play Glittertind’s “Norge i rødt, hvitt og blått” every 17th of May (Norway’s National Day)…Loud!”
Manabu Hiramoto [Shinkiro]: Endless Dismal Moan – Vampire
Leo [Niedowierzanie]: Autopsy – Critical Madness; “I think they would hate anything I play too loud, may it be Autopsy or Cerrone…”
Simone Salvatori [Spiritual Front]: Hot Butter- Popcorn Song; “I could play it for 10 hours”
Tor Lundvall: Coil – Paradisiac; “Sounds like a black hole swallowing the earth. I’d like to blast this track at deafening volume from my bedroom window. Retaliation for the relentless leaf-blowing in my neighborhood this Fall.”
Cinder [Cindytalk]: Cylob – Skraip
Davide Borghi [Albireon]: Napalm Death – Suffer the Children
Simon Heath [Atrium Carceri]: Ott – Gamma Goblins; “I can’t play this one at a low volume”
Julian Percy [Last Dominion Lost]: The Mob – Witch Hunt
Hakan Paulsson [Sanctum]: Heinz Hopf – Gothenburg
Erik Jarl: Merzbow – Tokyo Times Ten; [Erik picked the whole Pulse Demon album, but we present one track from it – stark]
Lloyd James [Naevus]: The Stooges – Down On The Street
Nicolas Horvath: “My own harsh noise rendition of Cornelius Cardew ‘s Treatise!”; [Let’s check the original – stark]
Peter Andersson [Deutsch Nepal]: Uran GBG – Onormal; “Mushroom-pogo all night!”
James Plotkin: Khanate – Pieces Of Quiet
Rudiger[Apoptose]: Thomas Köner – Permafrost; “Always the latest Apoptose tracks that I am recording at home. Bits and pieces tried out and played over and over again… But the music of Thomas Köner does that job, too. It makes the whole house shake.”
Maciek Frett [Job Karma]: Diamanda Galas – The Litanies Of Satan
Russell Kent [Noothgrush/Alaric/ex-Big City Orchestra]: Merzbow – Lux Automobile (Krokodil Rock Mix)
Alice Kundalini [She Spread Sorrow]: Whitehouse – Wriggle Like a Fucking Eel
Grey Malkin [The Hare And The Moon]: Scott Walker + Sunn O))) – Brando; “They probably already do due to The Hare And The Moon albums being recorded above their bedrooms. So anything I record might qualify for this – particularly, I imagine, if I am singing. Alternatively I like to think that my neighbours greatly enjoy my love of Sunn O))) but they probably do not. Let’s opt for Sun O))) / Scott Walker’s ‘Brando’ from ‘Soused’ and annoy them some more.”
Stephen Burroughs [Tunnels Of Ah]: Killing Joke – Frenzy
Frederic D. Oberland [Oiseaux-Tempete]: Scott Walker – See You Don’t Bump His Head; “Repetitive drum kick, opera-style vocals and harsh guitars, the perfect cocktail to make the presentations to the neighborhood. Play it loudly, you will know who you’re dealing with. It’s working quite good as well with ‘Metal Machine Music’ by Lou Reed.”
Daina Dieva: Meshuggah – Obzen
Jana Komaritsa [Darkrad]: Haus Arafna – Mirror Me
Robin Storey [Rapoon]: Kraftwerk – Boing Boom Tschak; “I sometimes play this very loud. It shuts the neighbours up.”

Nina Kernicke [Allseits] – ; “One of them already hates me, but it doesn`t matter what I play…it`s just the fact that I do.”
Mathias Grassow – ; “Oh, they hate me for every kind of death and black metal!”
Jean-Yves Millet [Cent Ans De Solitude]: “My next track!”
Stefano Musso [Alio Die]: “My studio has stone walls of about 1 mt, this should prevent hate from neighbors, almost for this reason!”
Simon Balestrazzi: Uncodified – Methodology 1; “Extremely harsh but not for the shake of it. Great music indeed, but listening to it through a wall or an open windows would be an excruciating experience.”

Tekla Mrozowicka [cetieu]: Tekla Mrozowicka | Marcin Cichy – Whispering:

Pepijn Caudron [Kreng]: -; “My neighbours are actualy pretty cool. They can take a lot. I might be able to get them up the walls by Playing Swans all night way too loud. Look at this docu to get a good look into their relentless working method”

Mark Spybey [Dead Voices On Air]: “That would have to be Tony Conrad’s “Four Violins.” I have used this music as a weapon. Successfully.”

Yann Faussurier [Iszoloscope]: Kait Gray- Nails in the Wall; [Can be found below, from 34:36 – stark]

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