Le Revelateur – Hyper


[Reviewed by Peter Marks]

Suppose, just suppose for one moment that instead of the internet being used to promote and distribute music it became sentient and made it’s own. I believe this single would be the first example of that as the song structure is too abstract for the human mind to conceive, and yet humankind are who birthed the internet. This remarkable illusion of a third space had it’s beginnings in the neurons and synapses of organic tissue. Perhaps this is why what Le Revelateur have done is so unnerving. Though it was composed by human hands you really get the feeling that a coldly logical consciousness was directing them. Once again I am reminded of occult processes such as automatic writing when I listen to this and I wonder if anyone was conscious while in the studio recording.

Or had the lights dimmed and perception shifted away from the waking world.

Reading through their press release I can see that they’ve come from a much more melodic, traditionalist background. There isn’t anything pretty or contemplative to be found on ‘Hyper’ but there is atmosphere oh my word this single has it by the hemisphere; bursts of digital debris flutter above and below us, lending a disorienting tone to the whole affair. Another facet to this maelstrom would be the absolute refusal on anyone’s part to let up on the tension, you can easily become claustrophobic during this release’s run time even if you have never been before. ‘Hyper’ has a way of pulling out a person’s deepest anxieties, across the span of these two pieces the boundaries between your mind and the insidious machinations of the machine become harder and harder to not only define but discern.

I can say without reservation that this new direction which Le Revelateur have taken is a daring one, boldly this pair choose to eschew all the trademarks of electronic music so many use as a safety net. These two have no need of one as they’re operating on a wavelength few of us would have the nerve to investigate; there is nothing nostalgic or retrograde in what I’m hearing here, only the darkness inherent within a land wrought out of wires and touchscreen symmetry. A brooding study in electronics all too happy to just stare you down relentlessly.

Le RevelateurHyper
Dekorder, Dekorder 080
LP/Digital 2016


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