Huron – Fissure


[Reviewed by Peter Marks]

I’d been tracking this one on compilations for the past couple of years, so imagine my surprise when he showed up one day in my inbox with a new EP via the charming people at Mindtrick. They have yet again expanded the scope of their label by putting out work from Huron, someone who I would not have expected them to take an interest in; over the course of their last few releases, Mindtrick have continually upped the ante in the field of moody and expressive electronics. It really is a fascinating evolution to bear witness to. As has been the case so many times for me over the last few years, numerous unknown variables out there in the musical continuum who operate beyond the well trodden paths laid down by the bigger names are laying waste to the existing norms and boldly establishing new ones.

‘Fissure’ is a four track excursion into seamlessly constructed compositions which glow like irradiated particles determined to remain alive in the cold vacuum of deep space. I can’t deny that some of what he’s doing here has elements to it which remind me of other artists but it is the way in which he arranges his staccato rhythms and mercurial atmospheres that sets him apart. These tracks have a warmer feel to them than what he’s been up to previously, I’d especially recommend tracking down the fantastic V/A ‘Hyperthermia’ release where his submission was a piece entitled “Tranxds77” for further clarification on this point.

As a matter of fact, any of the various artist releases he’s been on deserve your attention because as of right now they’re the only way to assemble a new album out of him. This is something which took me a while to achieve but ‘Fissure’ demanded it.

Another thing to consider is his extensive back catalog but don’t let that throw you off the scent; I’ve heard quite a lot of it and the Huron of 2016 is a vastly different entity than had been previously encountered. These songs wander in the vastness of a dark electronic environment, enticing and then encircling your mind with a breathtaking earnestness. No one facet in his work ever overpowers the others… the details are not details, they are the life and meaning behind what is going on here and nothing is going to change their agenda which is a simple yet endlessly rewarding one: escape.

You see, this is why I think he’s named his newest collection as he has. Like the geologic formation which shares that same name, it is a means to break through into a totally alien, unknown realm of possibility. One just needs to have the dexterity to navigate through it, or as in the case of Huron here the nimble prescience to perceive it in the first place. Do join him, won’t you?

Mindtrick Records, MTRDIG015
Digital 2016


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