2015 Through My Eyes: Leo [Niedowierzanie]


And our last guest, Leo from the French experimental project Niedowierzanie.

Tell us your way for a succesful or happy life. Do you think that man is able to live free from religion? What do you think is the meaning of our existence?

I don’t have a successful happy life, and I have no idea of the meaning of anything. I’m like a chicken facing the wall all day long, totally brainless! I do not have any problem with religion, when I see religious people (that doesn’t happen too often, actually) they seem pretty happy.

How would you sum up your musical activity in 2015?

A lot of time wasted, waiting for hypothetical gigs… really, not much, just recorded some new things recently. The highlights were indeed the “Funhammer” tour last april with Mushroom’s Patience, Diamantener Oberhof and Tzii. And recently, a couple of gigs with 1997ev and Solar Skeletons in Geneva and Lyon. I hope to play more next year (like every year…)

Your predictions for the world (in the political and cultural context) for 2016?

I have absolutely no idea of what’s going on outside my room. I’m not into politics so I can’t really answer this…

Is there any film / book / theatrical play / exhibition / computer game which made a particular impression on you in 2015?

Unfortunately, I can’t remember anything special in 2015… Probably I watched some stupid blockbusters from 2015, but I don’t remember. And I suppose I have very few records from 2015, except the great 10 years compilation vinyl on Treue Um Treue, which is by the way, very good and nice looking double LP ! I have other releases from friends, which I truly enjoyed: Baldruin “Miniaturen” tape, the Diamantener Oberhof LP on vrystaete, the Tzii “Heliogabalus” 7″ on Spielzeug Muzak. Otherwise I just listened old music, and watched old movies… Have I only been to a cinema this year ? I’m not even sure… I remember watching Lethal Weapon again, and being really impressed by Danny Glover. In the records I bought this year, I specially enjoyed Ariel Kalma “Osmose”, Dark Angel “Darkness Descends”, Fabrizio de André “Tutti Morimmo a Stento” for example.

Did this year change you in any way, changed your perception of the world, perhaps opened your eyes on something?

I suppose not, it’s always the same, nothing changes. More bitterness made me probably worst than ever!

Any moment of 2015 you’ll remember on your death bed?

Probably not! I have a very short memory!

Plans, hopes, expectations for 2016?

More concerts ! But I don’t have any concrete plans now, maybe something in July… And I hope my new record will come out finally!

Niedowierzanie website

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