Nekrasov – Negative Temple


[Reviewed by: Iaha Crax]

Nekrasov has managed to go beyond the pastiche projects of black ambient in the implacable way it channeled the energy of its anathemas. The Melbourne based artist’s claustrophobic concert-hall albums are frescoes of horror, as much psychological as physical; strenuous panoramas of convulsive dark ambient trepidations, relentless black metal cracklings, gusts of fetid smells.

His pieces have the effect of a boulder in the pond of conventional composition, and now more than in the past he has taken a radical penchant towards harsh devastating black metal, whose extreme solicitude on behalf of the listener makes it unbearable, as it should be anyway.

You’ll need to make yourself a vermin in the image of Him to slither inside the Negative Temple; the album opens with the homonym piece of a death-wall of noise that takes you into the bowels of heart-stopping terror. A terror that becomes absorbent when the bedlam from “Seeing of the mountain covered in spirits” erupts. This is smoldering black metal on the fringe of rawness and clinical execution at the same time, adjusted to the physiognomy of early Anaal Nathrakh, ancestral Vondur and the squalid, extreme project by Nordvargr, Vargr, the avatarian ignominy of which is more felt on the following track, “Purity Of Oblivion”.

There is here a gastric compliance to sludge, and a need to clean the crud off. The ambient songs cannot stick to the usual tropism, their composition always takes nourishment from reality’s misery. “The tears of joy when the throat is cut…”, “You are not bliss, you are not free”: both starved gazes into a tranquility constantly menaced by the pustules of an anthropomorphic nothingness.

Maybe this is why he can only see clearly through the torrent of radical metal, presented on “Clarity And Nonvision”, as if voluntarily draped into a cloak that amplifies every sense up to an a-personal exultation. “Negative Temple” dismisses the listener with a disturbed death-noise piece, “Hanging Of The Shaman”, fit for noxious moods for all the nihilists out there and here.

NekrasovNegative Temple
CDr/Digital 2016


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