Le Seul Element ‎– Meradiam


[Reviewed by: Iaha Crax]

Consouling Sounds, the label from Ghent, has assembled during the last years a rewarding constellation of experimental artists, projects of black ambiances and bleak tones con-sounding the consolation of the errant souls of this world or others. ‘Meradiam’ is the first output from Le Seul Element, released in the mockery of a winter in 2015. The music from ‘Meradiam’ is on its own an expression of the discontinuity between the environment and the human, a breach leaving man barred and unstable, quite like the songs here present.

One French guy stands behind Le Seul Element, and like French artists in general, he is here to confront and compromise any remains of our mental schematics in terms of dark wave, to say it plainly. His roots are in punk music, but his main instrument on ‘Meradiam’ is the piano; he adds on noises and hues of musique de salon, colliding in a marvelous personal expression artists like Noir Desir and Alain Bashung or King Dude and November Növelet.

In spite of the generally bleak, sometimes dull, even psychotic register, each one of his songs is imbued with a magical attraction that seems to be drawn upon this contradiction between the delicate beauty of the musical frame and the inner alienation of the receptor. The music on ‘Meradian’ communicates with the listener; it looks in front of its sounding, and acts as a sort of guide which shows a path leading somewhere. Nonetheless, towards the end of the record you are simply left abandoned, not knowing if there is a way back.

Le Seul Element ‎– Meradiam
Consouling Sounds, SOUL0049
CD/LP 2015

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