Aun – Fiat Lux


[Reviewed by: Iaha Crax]

The album “Black Pyramid”, released by Aun in 2010, is simply memorable. We can refer to it as a musical poem upon cosmography. Since then, Aun has enjoyed shifting their musical line on subsequent releases, distancing themselves from the music on Black Pyramid. “Fiat Lux” appears on the same Canadian label as the aforementioned album, namely Cyclic Law.

There was something in the tone of the first song called “Crystal Towers” which gave me great expectations. A soft synergy-generating luminous ambient enclosed into a trip-hop rhythm, like a letter of much regarded sensitivity forgotten into an indifferent metallic postal box. It should be a signature for Aun, this use of percussion as a means to activate flowing sound textures. “Dark Energy” journeys the listener among densely built textures, about to precipitate into cascades of mechanical heavy sound.

Aun explore the registers of ambient music quite randomly, seemingly refusing to fit into a certain ambiance; the piece “Fiat Lux” inclines towards ethnic musical passages, at equal distance from Dead Can Dance and Tangerine Dream. The duo from Quebec has been writing a constant biography since 2007. They have quite a number of albums released at important labels in the ambient field, being praised as ‘drone masters’ by the press. Listening to “Middle Earth”, the next extract, such a labelling is indeed credible, as Aun works out the sound material in such a gifted manner alike to Troum, nonetheless their sensitivity is curiously dictated by a coldness more akin to daylight; the music is a reflection of a wintry sun the beams of which are freezing, like the rays of sound on “Radiation”.

On “Fiat Lux” Aun definitely explores registers that they intend to develop further, and could be summarized on the “Resistance Underground” track. Their musical syncretism has the inconstancy of unexplored possibilities that could turn out to be a transvestite corollary of a successful tomorrow. Considering the project’s background I believe the “Voodoo” (final track) will work and there will be light inside the black pyramid of Aun.

AunFiat Lux
Cyclic Law, 76th Cycle
CD/LP 2015


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