Santa Sangre Playlist: The Song For Sex


The idea is simple. We asked several artists to choose ten songs for ten different situations or activities (one song for each topic). This is the second playlist of the series. The topic: Sex. Below you’ll find the description which artist has picked which song.

Nicolas Horvath: SUNN O)))) & Ulver – Let There Be Light; [Nicolas picked the whole “Terrestials” album, but we choose one song from the album – stark]

Maciek Frett [Job Karma]: Cosey Fanni Tutti – Time To Tell

Mark Spybey [Dead Voices On Air]: D.A.F – Sex under wasser; “I have little idea what Gabi is singing about but this song smells strongly of great sex. D.A.F: the most fun one can have with ones clothes on.”

Lina Baby Doll [Deutsch Nepal]: Reutoff – Eating The Dust

Rudiger [Apoptose]: Nicolas Jaar – Space Is Only Noise If You Can See; “Normally I don’t pay much attention to music in that situation but this would be nice.”

Julian Percy [Last Dominion Lost]: Cabaret Voltaire – Eastern Mantra

Stefan Hanser [Anemone Tube]: Meat Shits – Fuck Frenzy

Erik Jarl: Mauthausen Orchestra – Murderfuck

Nina Kernicke [Allseits]: The Jesus And The Mary Chain – Honey’s Dead; “One song is a bit too short , don`t you think so? But an album which is really good to have sex to is from The Jesus And Mary Chain – Honey’s Dead” – [Indeed, but for this playlist we choose one song, it’s “Teenage Lust” – stark]

Alice Kundalini [She Spread Sorrow]: Rosemary’s Baby – See Woman See Human

Lloyd James [Naevus]: Pink Floyd – Cirrus Minor

Cinder [Cindytalk]: Nico – Evening Of Light; [Again, the musician picked the whole album, “The Marble Index”, so we decided to present one track from this one, the most beautiful]

Robin Storey [Rapoon]: Can – Dizzy Dizzy; “I always associated this song with sex.”

James Plotkin: Rhythm & Sound – Imprint

Grey Malkin [The Hare And The Moon]: Coil – Love’s Secret Domain; “Crumbs! Loves Secret Domain by Coil. It’s pretty dark, squirming and evocative, as well as completely insane, not unlike like some of my previous partners. “

Davide Borghi [Albireon]: Chris Isaak – Wicked Game

Stephen Burroughs [Tunnels Of Ah]: Kate Bush – Lily

Simone Salvatori [Spiritual Front]: Larry Levan- Stand On The Word; “I casually fucked while listening to this, and it worked”

Russell Kent [Noothgrush/Alaric/ex-Big City Orchestra]: Eraldo Bernocchi & Blackfilm – Dark Area of the Night Sky

Manabu Hiramoto [Shinkiro]: Buck-Tick – Iconoclasm

Tekla Mrozowicka [cetieu]: Anouar Brahem – The Astounding Eyes of Rita

Simon Balestrazzi: Suicide – Cheree; “After almost four decades it still makes me shiver. One of the sexiest voices on planet earth.”

Jean-Yves Millet [Cent Ans De Solitude]: Iggy Pop – Lust for Life

Daina Dieva: “Pretty much entire Type O Negative “October Rust” and “Bloody Kisses” albums” [We picked “Blood & Fire” from “Bloody Kisses” – stark]

Edoardo Dionea Cicconi [Mantic]: Sqürl – Funnel Of Love

Tor Lundvall: Valet – Sade 4 Bri; “I never understood why anyone would want to play music during sex. Maybe “Sade 4 Bri” by Valet would be appropriate. I’ve always found this track to be extremely sensual.”

Stefano Musso [Alio Die]: “I should compile a long list of ambient night music, with Aglaia, Robert Rich, Alio Die, Thom Brennan, slow waves that relax and bring a deep connection with the body.” [We took a liberty of posting Robert Rich/Alio Die’ “Sirena” amazing composition – stark]

Simon Heath [Atrium Carceri]: Sabled Sun – Signals II

Frederic D. Oberland [Oiseaux-Tempete]: The Necks – Sex; “At least 56:10 minutes to do something”

Pepijn Caudron [Kreng]: John Cage – 4’33; “I get distracted by music when having sex. I’d prefer this.”

Mathias Grassow: – ; “Huh, difficult… there are so much songs for so much different kinds of art of sex”

Jan Roger Pettersen [Svartsinn]: – ; “Nope!”

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