Santa Sangre Playlist: The Song For The End Of The World

The idea is simple. We asked several artists to choose ten songs for ten different situations or activities (one song for each topic). This is the first playlist which is the effect of this idea. The topic: The End Of The World. Below you’ll find the description which artist has picked which song.

Simon Heath [Atrium Carceri/Cryo Chamber]: The Doors – The End

Rudiger [Apoptose]: Ólafur Arnalds – So Close (feat. Arnór Dan); “There is a whole album by Radio Werewolf full of songs for this purpose, but I think this would be a perfect choice for the end titles”

Grey Malkin [The Hare And The Moon]: Swans – You Know Nothing; “I would have to choose something by Swans here, after all they sound like the world ending. Perhaps ‘You Know Nothing’ (from my favourite of their albums ‘White Light from the Mouth of Infinity’) due to its incredibly apocalyptic ending. Failing that ‘Warszawa’ by Bowie from ‘Low’, I always thought that it sounded like the world just after the bombs finished dropping.”

Leo [Niedowierzanie]: Kaleidoscope – Once Upon A Time There Was A World

Lloyd James [Naevus]: Gallon Drunk – Just One More

Maciek Frett [Job Karma]: Peter Ivers – In Heaven (A song from “Eraserhead” by David Lynch)

Mark Spybey [Dead Voices On Air]: Johnny Cash – I See A Darkness (orig. by Will Oldham (Bonnie “Prince” Billy); “Because at the end, there will only be darkness and the sound of memories being quietly switched off. Perhaps ironically, this song makes me feel alive and that’s exactly how I would like to feel at the end. By the way, it’s a bang not a whimper.”

Mathias Grassow: Yes – Awaken

Nicolas Horvath: Alexander Scriabin – Prometeus or Poem of Fire

Nina Kernicke [Allseits]: Zbigniew Preisner – Lacrimosa

Pepijn Caudron [Kreng]: Diamanda Galas – Heaven Have Mercy

Frederic D. Oberland [Oiseaux-Tempete]: Anika – No One’s There; “What would happen if no one’s there?”

Cinder [Cindytalk]: Mescalinum United – We Have Arrived

Erik Jarl: MB (Maurizio Bianchi) – SFAG

Simone Salvatori [Spiritual Front]: Bolt Thrower – Unleashed Upon Mankind; “Even it s not the most apocalyptic song ever, the concept would easily help to wipe out the whole humanity.”

Stefan Hanser [Anemone Tube]: Dissecting Table – Road to Death

Julian Percy [Last Dominion Lost]: SPK – Slogun

Stefano Musso [Alio Die]: Christian Death – The Blue Hour [actually Stefano picked the whole “Catastrophe Ballet”, but we included only one song from this album – stark]

Davide Borghi [Albireon]: Dissection – Where Dead Angels Lie

Lina Baby Doll [Deutsch Nepal]: Suicide – Diamonds, Fur Coat, Champagne

James Plotkin: Swans – Half Life; “Anything from Swans “Cop” LP”

Robin Storey [Rapoon]: Ivor Cutler – Little Black Buzzer; “I love Ivor Cutler… totally unique”

Russell Kent [Noothgrush/Alaric/ex-Big City Orchestra]: Voice of Eye – Transcendence

Jan Roger Pettersen [Svartsinn]: Svartsinn – Torchbearer, Kill The Light; “Gonna chose one of my own here. A track teeming with apocalyptic atmosphere.”

Alice Kundalini [She Spread Sorrow]: Jocelyn Pook – Masked Ball

Stephen Burroughs [Tunnels Of Ah]: Ralph Vaughan Williams – The Lark Ascending

Tor Lundvall: :zoviet*france: ~ Is It?

Martin Bladh [IRM]: Scott Walker – Cue

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