[news] Eric Chamberlain’s Gogi first two albums released


[Peter Marks]

Eric Chamberlain’s (Index, Index AI, Skylash, Coconaut and Nom Silencieux to name a few) latest project Gogi has recently released the first two albums of a planned trilogy via Bandcamp and I-Tunes.

‘Black Diamond Skyline’ and ‘Black Light Sybarite’ were both composed over the course of the past few years and demonstrate both Chamberlain’s remarkable range and also his love of classic electronic styles. From ambient futurescapes to densely composed rhythmic workouts, these records find him exploring his own musical roots and influences to the fullest extent possible.

Whether you’re a new fan or long time aficionado you’ll find something to enjoy here, the diversity and depth of electronic composition re-affirm what a unique style his work exhibits. The majority of these pieces are instrumentals so prepare to be taken on quite a voyage.

The final part of this triptych is currently being written and is provisionally entitled ‘Animal Dreams’; we’ll most likely get it later in the year.

Eric Chamberlain’s website


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